NAGA Memphis – My First Trip for BJJ

So I went to Memphis back in November in it was the first time I had ever went on the road for BJJ. So I had to be a my friends Tricia and Kenny house at like 5 am soon we could get on the road and get down there in time.  We get on the road about 6 and they drive down there and we go and weigh in and then go to IHOP cause we were all starving and some of them were cutting weight for the competition. (I wasn’t cause I compete in the heavy division and has no weight limit)  So we ate and got back to the site and then there was a lot of hurry up and wait through all of the Kids and Teens divisions. Then they finally get to my women’s division.  I had no-gi first and there was only one other person in my bracket.

2013-11-23 14.47.39

I got second place in no-gi. Then they were calling for gi, so I had to change real quick in front on everyone for gi.

2013-11-23 16.05.58

I got 3rd place in gi. But hey I had only been training for like 2 months at this time and they put me in the beginner division instead of the novice because they didn’t have any heavy novice females. But I have been training hard since then and will be coming hard this year.