Nashville NAGA – 02/22/14

So this past weekend I competed in NAGA Nashville at McGavock High School. This was my third competition and so I was excited but also a bit vary due to a respitratory issue that I had been fighting.  I am also dealing with it now…but hopefully it will be gone soon.

Back to NAGA, a bunch of us on Friday night went an weighed in. I weighed in at 250 pounds, which was off, but I later figured out why. Then went home to rest for Saturday morning.  I got up on Saturday took my shower and then went to venue. Luckily knowing my way around this school help and so I didn’t have to park out in the grass like everyone else and had a very short walk to front doors and then to meet up with some others from my gym.  It wasn’t until about 1:45 pm that they called for our cards to be bracketed so that is when I started to get pumped. No-Gi was up first. My division was the second one to go, and the girl I went with was taller than me. I don’t remember how I was submitted, but I got second place.

2014-02-22 14.24.34

Me looking awesome with my Unicorn Rashguard on 🙂

Then I had to get ready for my gi fight, This was a division of 6 and most have been training a lot longer than I have.  So I have to remember that as well, but I’m still fighting to the death. This was the first time that I lost on points instead of a submission. So I was happy with that.

Then I watched the rest of the girls team just crush everyone else, so it was great day for Shawn Hammonds Ladies Team as well.  On to the next competition.



I don’t always make the right decisions but I try to make people happy. I may make one person happy but make a bunch more mad. Sometimes I make myself mad about my decision I make. Like today and every Monday for the past few weeks I have not when and trained due to being asked to do things with my significant other who doesn’t train and doesn’t get why I can’t just take a day off . When you are training to be a champion you train to be a champion every day. It’s hard to make the decision not to train to make them happy. Granted they work all weekend and I work during the week so it’s the only day we have really that I work from home and they are off. I would love to train 6 days a week, but can’t right now due to the circumstances. I love training I love my teammates but at the end of the day they aren’t the person I go home to at night. So if I have to sacrifice one day right now not to train hopefully the decision will be worth it in the long run. Only time will tell.

Team Training – 2014

This past Saturday, my Coach had his team training so his affiliates from across the country came to Nashville to train and prepare for the Pan Ams coming up in March. It was from 12 to 3 and it was awesome. This was my first time ever going to a training on this level, with so many people and having 10 girls on the mat at one time. It was a lot of fun and we started off by Coach doing promotions. Some people got stripes and a few people got new belts. There was actually a new black belt, but I couldn’t see who he was. Then we did 45 minutes of drilling, learning from different black belts. Some of the positions I learned worked great, others not so much due to my height or lack there of, but it was good training. Then we took a break for a few minutes before we started rolling. We then rolled for the next 2 hours, and for like the first 4 round of six minutes it was people who are going to Pan Ams. Then everyone else joined in after that, it was tough and I rolled with Blue and Purple belts which was awesome. I have come to the decision that I am just going to have to get contacts to continue rolling because my vision is decreased to a the point where I follow into the same traps because I can see. It was awesome to see how far our gym extends and to know that I am lucky to have black belts on the mats daily because not all gyms do.  It was good time and good training and I can’t wait for next year.