Smokey Mountain Grappling Tournament – 2014

On April 26th, I competed for the first time at the Smokey Mountain Grappling Tournament in TN. It was about an 3 hour drive from home to get there. So once I got up there, the first thing you did was weigh in which was a bit weird to have to weigh in by the door because you are coming in with all of your stuff .  You don’t weigh in by the mats like some other tournaments. So I weighed in and then proceeded to go the gym. This was definitely a small tournament with only 4 mats going and come to find out that there where only 3 female adult white  belts competing which was kind odd, but not unusual. So 20 minutes after I got there they call me down and say I am going to be competing in less than 10 minutes. It wasn’t a hurry up and wait kind of day at that tournament which was good . So by the time I change they are ready for us on the mats.

I actually didn’t get the fight videoed, but from what I can remember is that she got on top and just stayed there. She really didn’t try to go for any submissions but just surfboarded the entire time on top of me. She had great pressure and due to my weak shoulder I really couldn’t do anything with her on top of me. So time ran out and I lost and got second place. I was going to do the open in the GI, but that wasn’t going to be until after all of the gi and no-gi had finished and so my teammates and I decided just to ride back to Nashville after getting some lunch and have the rest of the sunny Saturday. I can definitely tell I am improving day in and out so that is all I can wish for. I know that I will soon start seeing the victories and that is what keeps me going.