NSV: My belt is starting to fit

So when you first start jiu-jitsu you usually get a belt with you gi. The first gi I had was an A4 an the belt didn’t really fit around my waist. When I got my A5 gi, I got another belt that was at least able to be knotted when worn around my waist. But I never had enough belt to make the belt tight. So my belt usually would fall off after 2 minutes just because i couldn’t tie it tight enough. So tonight as I was putting my belt on, I realized that that before I tied the knot I had more belt to grab. And true enough my belt is no longer knotted at the end, there is actually some length for the tails. It was a good feeling and just make me want to stay the course.

NSV means Non Scale Victory.

Here are the pictures of my belt and my gi jacket starting to close too 🙂


IMG_1929 IMG_1930


Paleo: Week 3

At this point I feel like I have got this Paleo eating things down. I know what I can eat and I know what not to eat. I am following the 80/20 rule to still allow myself some enjoyment of things I love like pizza and cookies every now and then. It makes it a lot easier to stick with it, when I allow myself something that I want within reason. My cravings for carbs have become a lot less than they were at the start of week 1. I try to make new things each week or flavor it different to make sure I am getting bareity and so I don’t get tired of any one food. I am working on next month with menus to make sure that I am mixing it up enough so that I won’t get bored.

My new food for this week was asparagus and it tasted a lot of like green beans. They were roasted in the oven and I would definitely have those again. That is one thing that I am really enjoying is learning about how to cook and eat all of the things in the produce section. So I am going to start just picking up a vegetable and seeing how to cook it and if I like it after I cook it.

I noticed last week at the gym that I was able to just keep rolling. I was in the 6 o’clock no-gi class and all the guys were tired and I was just ready to keep going. I had the energy to keep rolling and this was after having taking the competition class at 5. It was definitely a different feeling as in the past, by the time it had made it to 7 I was ready to pass out.  I do have a lot more energy now a days than I had before.

The other thing that I noticed as I was running on Saturday, people who I didn’t even know of ever seen before were giving me thumbs-up or saying you are doing a good job , keep it up. It would be so easy for me to say, it too much work to lose weight or it takes too much effort. But it felt good in a weird way to have these people I have never seen before cheer me on during my run.

I have almost done a month and I’m quite excited and nervous to see what changes there have been if any.

Paleo: Week 2

A lot of energy has come back this week, which meant I am able to do a lot more and not feel as tired. Sunday, I decided to cook my meat for the week which helped tremendously. Now I can just come home and cook my veggies and throw my meal together in like 5 minutes. I was having to wait until my meat was done which could take up to 30 minutes. And when your are not getting home until 7 or 8 that I a long time to wait on your food especially getting  home from the gym.

I’m slowing learning what meats to cook and how they need to cooked. At least i didn’t smoke up the house that much last week. Going to Paleo means that I cook most of my meals and pack my lunch for work, which is saving me money as well.  I am also being more adventurous with trying new things to see what I like and what I don’t like. A lot of that is due to just having to eat different things to keep it interesting.

I went over to my mom’s house on Saturday and in exchange for me helping her with some stuff for church she would cook me dinner. So, she cooked me some new things for Butternut Squash, Cauliflower Rice and Grilled Zucchini. In the past, I would have never ate anything like that, but this is new year better me so I am trying it. And all 3 were really good and I would eat them again. This year is going to be great…I may even try to see if I can get to the point that I will eat eggs. But this will all be baby steps.

My jiu-jitsu this week was much better, I could actually understand what was going in training vs just going though the motions the week before.

This will be the year of the leprechaun 🙂

Paleo : week 1

Last week was my first week doing Paleo at every meal. I would say that is was an extremely successful week. Monday was my first day trying to go to gym and I could tell while I was on the mats I was just not all there. Like positions just weren’t coming to me as easily as they had . I started to figure out that I was being affected by carb flu which really hit me hard starting on Tuesday. I was just dead and didn’t have much energy to do anything. At work I spent most of the day tired and suffered from headaches off and on each day. I felt like death but in a weird way felt like I was feeding my body something good for it. I didn’t have much energy to do much more than sleep. This lasted to Friday and that is when I finally felt like I had some energy back. I still have craving for the carbs I used to eat but finding substitutes as help. On Sunday I actually did 4 miles and still was walking once I was done. I am feeling good about the changes I am making. I have learned that planning helps. I can’t wait to see my energy level changes this week with having more energy.


I have the PCOS

and it sucks. For people who don’t know, it stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It affect a lot of females to different vary degrees. I have some really weird things that happen because I have this disorder.

  1. I can grow facial hair and have to shave multiple times a week. This can be good and bad at times.
  1. I have high levels of testosterone in my body and because of that I have seen some hair loss more along the links of male pattern baldness. This is actually not so cool . Maybe that is why people always used to think I was a guy when i was younger.
  1. I have an insulin resistance issue in which my body fails to respond to insulin properly. My body can’t use insulin well so it builds up and tunes different part of my body dark.
  1. Weight is a huge part of PCOS. And with that, means having to watch what I eat and make sure I am getting the right sugars. That is why I went with the paleo lifestyle because it has reported to help with weight loss for people who have PCOS.

I know that with this is may be harder for me to lose weight and reach my goals. But I can no longer let this stop me. I can no longer be complacent with how my life it. This year I will become a better me. There is no reason to become a new me, because I think that I am pretty awesome already.



Its 2015….

might as well starting making changes now. I actually have been making slow changes over the last month. Eating more meals at home by cooking dinner for myself. Getting rid of all of the food that I shouldn’t be eating out of the house. Due to my PCOS (more about that in a later post), I have found a lifestyle that should finally allow me to lose the weight that I want to. I’m going to the paleo way of living as I think that is going to help me with my health issues. So I am starting this year with a renewed sense of wellness and fitness. I have already committed to running my first half marathon in April with the Country Music 1/2 Marathon. I am also planning my jiu-jistu competitions for this year as well. My first one is going to be at the end of the month in Atlanta.

For most of my life, I have been overweight and it time to change that. Now it’s not like I am trying to get to a size 2, but I have want to be able to shop for clothes without having to go into the big and tall section to find jeans to fit. I want to be able to go to start and pull a size 38 size jeans off the rack and be able to the wear them.  I want shopping to be an enjoyable experience in stead of one of dread and shame. I’m going to be 25 year this year and I am done spending my life miserable about my weight. So this is going to be my year. Last night, I was cleaning up and just remember that I can do anything I set my mind to so why not this.

Some current stats on me:

Age : 24
Height: 5’0 ft
Weight: 250 lbs of pure awesomeness
Pants Size: 44 or 46 – These are men’s sized fyi…lol

I’m working this year to change my outside to be a better reflection of who I really am.

Ray Ray the leprechaun