Just an update

Well now I am a month out from the Country Music Half Marathon and my training has been going great. My new shoes have helped so I am really excited about the last few weeks of training. I am still fundraising for the race and I have a little over a month to finish fundraising. The link to my St. Jude fundraising page is : http://heroes.stjude.org/rachelleh

In Jiu-Jitsu related news, people are now starting to be able to tightly lock their guard around me as I am loosing weight. Yay for me while also, now I’m going to have to work harder to break their guard. Everyday I am seeing small improvements so that pretty cool to see how far I have come over the last 18 months. I know I still have so much to learn but I am definitely still enjoying it. We recently moved locations, which actually makes it a bit easier for me to go during the day so I am definitely going to enjoy that once my half marathon training is over with.

In food related news, I can no longer stomach pork, it seems that i now have an intolerance to pork, which sucks, but i rather not eat it then deal with the side effects. This combined with my lactose intolerance makes it definitely fun to go out to eat with me.

In weight loss related news, other people tell me that I am slimming down, but I don’t quite see it yet. I know that my clothes are fitting a lot looser these days, but the number of the scale isn’t moving much. I have been doing so much of this on my own so I am going to be looking to some professional help in the next few weeks to see where I can improve.

I’m going to keep on moving 🙂

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So I went running shoe shopping today

and yeah I didn’t know how much running shoes can cost. I went to the running shoe store in bentwood today to get fitted for some shoes because I have started to have some issue with the Nike’s I bought back in January. So I had been told that this store would really be able to fit me which they did. I knew going on a Saturday I would have to wait for a while which I was fine with because I didn’t have really any plans for today. So I waited. Then my name was finally my name was called and I got to work with this guy named Alex. So he tells me what they do here to make sure that I get right pair of shoes for my feet. So first he measures my feet and so he tells me I have wide feet. I’m like yeah I have feet like a duck. So he continues to do what I have watched so many of the different people since I have been waiting.

So he tells me he has got what he needs and is going to bring out some shoes for me to try and see how they fit. So i wait and then he shows me the first pair and the first thing that my eyes see are the pink on the shoes. And I’m like really dude pink , so they were nice but where kind of too hard. So I go on to the next pair, they are purple and sea foam green but  these shoes actually fit well. Now I realize that I have wide feet and it is going to be harder to find shoes in my size since I do have smaller fit. But I just can’t get down with wearing purple or pink on my shoes, so I ask him if these shoes come in any other colors and he is like no, we would have to order some in a different color if they would have them in a different color.

I then ask if they have any men’s shoes that would fit me. I can tell dude is a bit reluctant to show me some, but at this point I’m like on my principle I won’t by women’s shoes. So he brings out just one other pair of the only ones he say will fit my feet. I’m at the point of like really. I have been in the store for over an hour now and he has only brought me out 3 pairs of shoes. I do find it hard to believe that in a specialty running shoe store that there would only be 3 pairs shoes in the entire store that my feet would fit.

I know I have a wide foot but seriously only have 2 shoes and then only have 1 mens pair that I would fit, I find very odd. Maybe that is how it is, but still weird. So I say I will get men’s shoes because they do make me pick my feet and they did work for me. So I go up to register and they are like the shoes are like 160 and I’m like huh. I have never spent that much on a pair of shoes and I wasn’t about to start now.  So I tell them, I will think about it and come back. I come home and look online and found the same exact shoes for half the cost online. So I bought them online and save 80 dollars.

My bigger issue is why do running shoes have to be gendered towards men or women. All of the women’s shoes had more feminine color pallets and men’s had much more masculine color pallets. The dude helping me thought it was weird I carried about if the were men’s or women”s shoes. Maybe I should care more about the feel, but for me it is more about my identity. I don’t wear anything feminine so why would I compromise and buy a shoe that is of a feminine pallet. That is probably another rant for another day but now I will just wait for my new shoes to come in the mail and continue to run in my nikes tomorrow.

Spring is almost here?

So in true Tennessee weather we went from a 50 degree day to being under a winter storm warning all in the same day. The weather people have really be on point this year with their predictions this year. But I am ready for the weather to just be warm because my allergies and sinus are going to be the death of me.

In other news, I’m half way through training for my half marathon next months. It is crazy over how just a short period time my body had adapted to running. My pace is still a little slow, but I’m getting out there and doing it which is most important. After the first mile, I don’t feel much pain in my knee or ankles anymore. I have also figured out I run faster when I am running on city streets than on the greenways. I think i just have more interesting things to pass while running, than on the greenway.

I have also seen with my diet change and running that my jiu-jitsu skills are getting a lot better. I am moving better than I was even just a few months ago. I can tell that I am getting stronger and that I am doing better so I am just keep moving forward. That is all I can ask for. Between jiu-jitsu and running it is pretty much keeping me busy this day. Most days when I leave out of the house, I have my work backpack, lunchbox, running bag and jiu-jitsu stuff. I have a lot things that I am carrying out most morning and a lot of laundry to go each week.

Paleo is going really good, I like what changes that I have made. I don’t really feel like I have lost anything that I  really wanted to eat, I can still can eat meat so it is all alright with me.  I am trying to watch my sugar intake with fruits since that seems to contribute to my insulin resistance.

I’m really ready for spring to be here though. I am over the snow and ice and just want some normal weather for a while now.

I am still taking donations for being a St. Jude Hero for the Country Music Half Marathon.  Please consider donating  to St. jude and sponsring me on this run.  You can donate here:   http://heroes.stjude.org/rachelleh

Leprechaun out