Copa America Nashville

So yesterday I competed for the first time since the Atlanta Open back in January.  I spent most of the spring preparing for the half marathon so I backed down on the competitions that I did this spring. So this was my first one back and my first once since I had really been able to see a leap in my movement and jiu-jitsu.

This competition wasn’t far from home, it was just about 45 minutes away in Gallatin at the Gallatin Civic Center so I was like I would go compete. The nerves started like Friday night and by Saturday I woke up before 7 and could feel them like no others. So I get up there and just chill out for a while. The venue only had 6 mats and I figured it would be a small tournament.

The tournament was really well run and to have the adults go at the same time as the kids was awesome for me because I was able to be done before noon. Most tornunanet I have to wait around all day to have my first match but it was good to be done early so it didn’t feel as if my whole day was going to be consumed by the tournament.

I had one match yesterday and it was a good match. I got my first win in a competition which was awesome with as many times I have competed. It was the first medal that I had truly earned. I have medaled before but this medal is special and to win so close to home was awesome. My competitor was taller than me, but I outweighed her so it all works out.

Here is a video of my match:

I am excited to be back competing and look forward to competing as much as possible the  rest of the year. 🙂

Still need to find a gi top that doesn’t come over my head and is not huge, so if you know of any companies, let me know.

Leprechaun out