About BJJ

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that is done without striking and done with grips, chokes and joint locks. My friends try to call it kirate, but I immedditate correct them. BJJ allows for little guy to have a chance and win in a fight. It allows for once a fight begins, once its gets to the ground the playground changes .

How I Train:

When I am in a competition, I am competing with girls who are about my size and rank in a more sport application vs. a self defense kind of way. That way me an my opponent are playing from the same deck and a lot of the unfairness is cut out.

When I am training at the gym, I am drilling to learn how to move my body better. Most of the girls, I train with are actually smaller than me weight wise but are taller than me. They sometime complain they can’t get certain positions on me due to  the length of my arms and legs. 🙂

I like to have fun and make it interesting. I am doing this to help release stress so if I can make other people laugh while learning then I am doing my job as well.  I go to class to learn and have fun and that is what keeps me coming back.


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A Short Person Take on the world. I may not be tall, but I will fight to the death. Learning something new every day.

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