About Ray

Training since: September 2013
Gym: Nashville Mixed Martial Arts
Coach/Team: Shawn Hammonds/Team Shawn Hammonds
Rank: Blue Belt
Weight Class:  Super Heavy

Competition Accolades:  Not dying in my first competition after training for 6 weeks. I may have not won, but I sure learned a lot and know that in every match there will be a winner and loser, but I am going to be on the winning side from now on.

In a usually week, I spend about 6 to 7 hours on the mats, but always looking for ways to get more hours on the mats. Recently, just changed my schedule at work to allow me to get to mats earlier when I get off work to get some competition training in.  Most of training sessions that I attend are the evening session and the Saturday morning classes. But when I’m not on the mats, I honestly think about when can I get back on the mats because it has become a passion for me.  I am learning so much and having fun do it, that it keeps me coming back day after day.

I’m not tall, only 5’0  so I have to work to make a lot of positions work for me due to the short arms and legs, but I’m all heart and I get it done. Right now I am going through a bit of a transition since I am transgender and just trying to figure out where I belong. I’m too short for the ultra heavy class, so I got to lose some weight before I can comepte again.

What Jiu Jitsu has done for me:

It has made me into a much more confident about my weight and going to do weight loss. It has made me feel like I can take on anything, if I can go and get choked for an hour then I can do anything. It allows for me to funnel my anxiety into the mats for anger and then relief. I’m starting to lose weight as well so that is helping for my confidence as well.

Short Term Goal: Continue to lose inches and weight and continuing my path to purple belt.

Longer Term Goal: Obtain my black belt


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A Short Person Take on the world. I may not be tall, but I will fight to the death. Learning something new every day.

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