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Just an update 

Over the last month, I have been working towards figuring out what is going on with my body and why I can’t get the weight off. So at the beginning of March, I saw a new provider and they ran all of the normal blood test with the addition of a genetic test for mthfr. Mthfr is a genetic mutation that a lot of people have. But what it could mean for me really is that i do not process gluten and dairy as I should , so my body just retains gluten and dairy instead of getting rid of it. It also makes a person sluggish, cloudy headed and a lot of other things. So what that means for me, is to lose weight, I have to stopped eating gluten and dairy to see if start feeling better. so for the past 6 weeks I have stopped eating or drinking anything with Gluten and Dairy in it and I do have to say I feel sooooooooooooooooo much better. It is very hard to find foods that do not have both of those ingredients, but i get to eat a lot of meat and vegetables so I am okay with that.

In the gym, i have seen so many differences. I am not dead after class, i have the enegrdy to keep going which i have never really had before.  I sweat differently, it just pours off of me. So now, it make me more motivated because I am seeing changes. Not sure what the scale says at this point, but i am feeling better. So it makes me want to work out more. I have started swing kettle bells and lifting some weights to supplement my training.

I do have to say this is the best that I have felt in years, and i can finally see changes in my body. I still have some more test that they want to run so hopefully I will get a chance to get in there soon and have them done. But I’m just happy to start getting some answers to the results.

Coming up next for me, on Saturday April 30th, I will be competing in the Atlanta  BJJ Pro. So look forward to a recap on that coming soon.



Looking back on this year

So as we come to the end of the year, it is time to reflect back over what has been done. This year, I tried new things by completing a half marathon as well as leveled up in Jiu-Jitsu back in September.

All year I have been working to lose weight and it really didn’t go that well. I tried Paleo through about May and I did see about a 6 pound drop during all of that time.  It was really difficult to not see any weight loss on that diet after all of the research saying that I should see some more than that. I have been working hard to see weight differences, but I am not seeing drastic  change on the scale. What I have seen though is a differences is in inches and body composition. Around September I stared going to the Transformat10n Lab here in Nashville. By going to the Lab, I realized that I was not eating enough calories in the day so my body was retaining the fat vs burning it to make me lose weight. Now I have an accurate account of how many calories that I need to intake to lose weight. So now this going to be a game changer for me next year with my diet and eating habits. I have really started meal prepping, now a day so I know how many calories I am eating at any time. That has been a great help to me, so I can know how many calories I am eating to make sure that I get enough.

Long Distance Running I have learned is not for me. I can appreciate the people who enjoy it, but I think i rather do some other type of activity. Going into the new year I will probably try to do some 5k, but not much more than that. It takes away too much training time from what I really enjoy most and that is being on the mats.

This year, I have learned so much about myself through doing jiu-jitsu. I really do get antsy if I go too many days without being being on the mats. There is really something peaceful about it for me and I am so happy that i took that leap over 2 years ago to get started. I feel like there is nothing that make a person feel more alive then getting their ass handed to them on a regular basis. I can’t wait to see what next year will have in store for me. I know that I am going to keep moving forward and keep the monument that I gained this year. 2015 was truly a great year but I know going into 2016 it will be even better. There is going to a leprechaun domination. I plan on doing more next year and getting better.  In the new year I will also be posting my meal prep menus as I have had a lot of comments of what I am eating though my pictures.

Leprechaun out

I did it…the Country Music Half Marathon

So yesterday was the day of the Country Music Half Marathon and I was running as a St. Jude Hero for the race. I was in corral 38 which was about 5 blocks back from the start line. So about an hour after corral 1, I was let go to start the race. Then 3 hours and 53 minutes later I finished the race. I am very happy that I completed the race and did not give up. There were many points along the course I was like why am I doing this, and then someone who was cheering would tell me to keep it up and that I was doing good. They would tell me how much longer I had left which was awesome because at times I had no clue where I was at.


I want to say Thank you to everything who was out cheering all of the runners on until the very end. I wasn’t fast, so a lot of the crowds had left by the time I had come around but for the people who were still out there. You made my race great. I didn’t realize how many people would party in their front yards for this and so it was very awesome to see. Next year, I plan on doing something for the runners because they deserve it. I may have not been fast, but I was faster than anyone still staying on the couch.  Some of the signs that I saw while running were very funny as well. The one that gave the laugh when I really needed it was If running was easy it would be your MOM. I saw that about mile 7 and it made me truly laugh.

Here is how i felt per mile:

Mile 1: I got this, feeling good.

Mile 2: Okay, I got this hill

Mile 3: I should come eat Sushi here soon

Mile 4: I didn’t know all of these businesses were over here

Mile 5: I’m getting hungry and I smell BBQ

Mile 6: Okay, I am starting to feel my feet

Mile 7: Why am I out here doing this

Mile 8: Seriously, I have like 5 more miles

Mile 9: Okay, I could stop now and save my legs

Mile 10: Okay, this isn’t so bad, but my fingers look like little sausgae

Mile 11: I need water and food

Mile 12: Okay, this is the last hill thanks sweet baby jesus

Mile 13: Who Hoo

Mile 13.1: I am done 🙂

I had a lot of feeling throughout the entire race, and there were plenty of times that I wanted to quit and give up. But i dug down super deep and I got the 1/2 marathon under the course limit of 4 hours by like 7 minutes. But I have finished a half marathon and how many people out there can say that. I have already told Eva if I get this ideal again please slap the crap out of me because I am hurting today. I’m getting a massage in a few hours so that should work some of it out. But I accomplished one of my resolutions I said I was at the beginning of the year and I couldn’t be happier even through the pain.

This was my reward for finishing the race 🙂


Just an update

Well now I am a month out from the Country Music Half Marathon and my training has been going great. My new shoes have helped so I am really excited about the last few weeks of training. I am still fundraising for the race and I have a little over a month to finish fundraising. The link to my St. Jude fundraising page is :

In Jiu-Jitsu related news, people are now starting to be able to tightly lock their guard around me as I am loosing weight. Yay for me while also, now I’m going to have to work harder to break their guard. Everyday I am seeing small improvements so that pretty cool to see how far I have come over the last 18 months. I know I still have so much to learn but I am definitely still enjoying it. We recently moved locations, which actually makes it a bit easier for me to go during the day so I am definitely going to enjoy that once my half marathon training is over with.

In food related news, I can no longer stomach pork, it seems that i now have an intolerance to pork, which sucks, but i rather not eat it then deal with the side effects. This combined with my lactose intolerance makes it definitely fun to go out to eat with me.

In weight loss related news, other people tell me that I am slimming down, but I don’t quite see it yet. I know that my clothes are fitting a lot looser these days, but the number of the scale isn’t moving much. I have been doing so much of this on my own so I am going to be looking to some professional help in the next few weeks to see where I can improve.

I’m going to keep on moving 🙂

Don’t forget to Donate 🙂

Spring is almost here?

So in true Tennessee weather we went from a 50 degree day to being under a winter storm warning all in the same day. The weather people have really be on point this year with their predictions this year. But I am ready for the weather to just be warm because my allergies and sinus are going to be the death of me.

In other news, I’m half way through training for my half marathon next months. It is crazy over how just a short period time my body had adapted to running. My pace is still a little slow, but I’m getting out there and doing it which is most important. After the first mile, I don’t feel much pain in my knee or ankles anymore. I have also figured out I run faster when I am running on city streets than on the greenways. I think i just have more interesting things to pass while running, than on the greenway.

I have also seen with my diet change and running that my jiu-jitsu skills are getting a lot better. I am moving better than I was even just a few months ago. I can tell that I am getting stronger and that I am doing better so I am just keep moving forward. That is all I can ask for. Between jiu-jitsu and running it is pretty much keeping me busy this day. Most days when I leave out of the house, I have my work backpack, lunchbox, running bag and jiu-jitsu stuff. I have a lot things that I am carrying out most morning and a lot of laundry to go each week.

Paleo is going really good, I like what changes that I have made. I don’t really feel like I have lost anything that I  really wanted to eat, I can still can eat meat so it is all alright with me.  I am trying to watch my sugar intake with fruits since that seems to contribute to my insulin resistance.

I’m really ready for spring to be here though. I am over the snow and ice and just want some normal weather for a while now.

I am still taking donations for being a St. Jude Hero for the Country Music Half Marathon.  Please consider donating  to St. jude and sponsring me on this run.  You can donate here:

Leprechaun out

Paleo: Week 5 and others things

This week was very different as I tried to make more meals instead of just having meat and veggies. Some of the things that I cooked were good and some were not that great. The things that were good were great like my spaghetti squash pie. But the things that were bad  were probably bad because I messed something up. But I realized that I get thrown off track easily when the food doesn’t turn the way I want it. So this week I am refocusing and I am sticking with recipes and things that I know will be good or having back up plan like having some sliced turkey ready to be able to replace my meat option. My breakfast was all thrown off last week so it was hard to change mid-stride last week but this week I am getting more back to basics so that should help.

I also competed in the Atlanta Open on the 31st of January. I went down with Kenny and Javier and sat around all day and watched friends compete. I lost my first match by a Kimura, but I wasn’t disheartened by it.  My cardio felt good and I felt good, but my size and strength are still at a disadvantage.  I need to work on my upper body strength especially in my shoulder. Hopefully that will help stabilize the weakness in my shoulders.   Also need to working on seeing while rolling.

Here is video is you want to watch my match:

I also started my half marathon training  this week. I am slowly inching my way pace down, but I am going to get this done. I am actually doing the hot chocolate run this up coming Saturday as well.

My birthday is coming up as well and what I am asking for my birthday this year is for donations to St. Jude as I am a  St. Jude’s Hero for the County Music 1/2 Marathon. You can donate here:

So pretty much things are going good here, should get my blood work back from the doctor this week as well. Now just to deal with the hot glue gun burn on my hand. 🙂

Until next time…



Paleo: Week 4

Yay. I have made it to week 4 with being on Paleo and man does it feel good. I feel like I have learned a lot by myself and how to cook over the last 4 weeks. I wouldn’t really call it a diet, but more a lifestyle change . I got through the the first 4 weeks with some basic cooking skills, but this next month I am going to try and make more complex recipes than what I have done this past month.  The pros of doing this have out weighed the cons for sure. This is something that when you break it down really means I am losing grains because I already am lactose-intolerant. And doing this 80/20 means I can still eat those things that I want to eat, but I am going to make sure it is worth it when I do eat it.

This has been eyeopening and just seeing how much money I have saved by eating most of my meals at home has been crazy.  This is something when I first started I was like oh it will help me lose weight and I definitely have seen that start to happen. When I started on this 4 weeks ago,I was like I am not going to weigh myself for a month so that way I could see if it was truly a weight loss change or a body composition change. So today is that day and I got on the scale .

As of this morning, in a month I have lost about 4 pounds, which equals out to 1 pound each week. That is just really crappy , when I have more than reduced my calories and even starting working out more. My goal was always do this for a month and then see where I was at. So for how far i reduced my calories I should have had more weight loss than that. I can say that my body composition has definitely changed and my clothes are becoming a lot looser. So that is a positive, just sucks to not have seen as much difference on the scale. So I had myself my pity party this morning, but I am going to keep on going. Because I am not going to let this define me.

I know a lot of this could be due to my PCOS because it is the devil and hates me. But I have a doctors appointment on Friday, and so then we are going to have a come to Jesus meeting to figure out what is going on.

I am not going to let this win, I am going to keep going. I can’t and won’t let this stop me. This year is going to be the year of change for me and I’m going to keep going because all I can do is keep moving.

I just want to say a quick thanks to anyone who has asked about my journey or have told me that they have seen a difference. You really don’t know how much that means to me and how it keeps me motivated, especially on a day like today where I am struggling but I know I have people behind that will stand with me through this all. So Thanks.

Leprechaun out 🙂


Yes I am wearing my hair differently now….

NSV: My belt is starting to fit

So when you first start jiu-jitsu you usually get a belt with you gi. The first gi I had was an A4 an the belt didn’t really fit around my waist. When I got my A5 gi, I got another belt that was at least able to be knotted when worn around my waist. But I never had enough belt to make the belt tight. So my belt usually would fall off after 2 minutes just because i couldn’t tie it tight enough. So tonight as I was putting my belt on, I realized that that before I tied the knot I had more belt to grab. And true enough my belt is no longer knotted at the end, there is actually some length for the tails. It was a good feeling and just make me want to stay the course.

NSV means Non Scale Victory.

Here are the pictures of my belt and my gi jacket starting to close too 🙂


IMG_1929 IMG_1930

Paleo: Week 3

At this point I feel like I have got this Paleo eating things down. I know what I can eat and I know what not to eat. I am following the 80/20 rule to still allow myself some enjoyment of things I love like pizza and cookies every now and then. It makes it a lot easier to stick with it, when I allow myself something that I want within reason. My cravings for carbs have become a lot less than they were at the start of week 1. I try to make new things each week or flavor it different to make sure I am getting bareity and so I don’t get tired of any one food. I am working on next month with menus to make sure that I am mixing it up enough so that I won’t get bored.

My new food for this week was asparagus and it tasted a lot of like green beans. They were roasted in the oven and I would definitely have those again. That is one thing that I am really enjoying is learning about how to cook and eat all of the things in the produce section. So I am going to start just picking up a vegetable and seeing how to cook it and if I like it after I cook it.

I noticed last week at the gym that I was able to just keep rolling. I was in the 6 o’clock no-gi class and all the guys were tired and I was just ready to keep going. I had the energy to keep rolling and this was after having taking the competition class at 5. It was definitely a different feeling as in the past, by the time it had made it to 7 I was ready to pass out.  I do have a lot more energy now a days than I had before.

The other thing that I noticed as I was running on Saturday, people who I didn’t even know of ever seen before were giving me thumbs-up or saying you are doing a good job , keep it up. It would be so easy for me to say, it too much work to lose weight or it takes too much effort. But it felt good in a weird way to have these people I have never seen before cheer me on during my run.

I have almost done a month and I’m quite excited and nervous to see what changes there have been if any.

Paleo: Week 2

A lot of energy has come back this week, which meant I am able to do a lot more and not feel as tired. Sunday, I decided to cook my meat for the week which helped tremendously. Now I can just come home and cook my veggies and throw my meal together in like 5 minutes. I was having to wait until my meat was done which could take up to 30 minutes. And when your are not getting home until 7 or 8 that I a long time to wait on your food especially getting  home from the gym.

I’m slowing learning what meats to cook and how they need to cooked. At least i didn’t smoke up the house that much last week. Going to Paleo means that I cook most of my meals and pack my lunch for work, which is saving me money as well.  I am also being more adventurous with trying new things to see what I like and what I don’t like. A lot of that is due to just having to eat different things to keep it interesting.

I went over to my mom’s house on Saturday and in exchange for me helping her with some stuff for church she would cook me dinner. So, she cooked me some new things for Butternut Squash, Cauliflower Rice and Grilled Zucchini. In the past, I would have never ate anything like that, but this is new year better me so I am trying it. And all 3 were really good and I would eat them again. This year is going to be great…I may even try to see if I can get to the point that I will eat eggs. But this will all be baby steps.

My jiu-jitsu this week was much better, I could actually understand what was going in training vs just going though the motions the week before.

This will be the year of the leprechaun 🙂