Maximus Kimonos – Rip Stop Gi

Since IBJJF has very strict rules about how the gi has to fit to compete, I spend months looking for a GI before Pans so I would have something legal to compete in. I am of a very award shape for most GI companies, as I only stand 5’0 but 240 pounds, but what makes it worse is how I carry my weight makes it extremely hard to find a good fitting Gi for me.  But with Maximus Kimonos and their Competition Gi, I actually found one that fit me  and actually fit well and would be IBJJF legal for me.

I wasn’t sure which size would fit me due to be a leprechaun so on their website it said to called so I did and I actually got the owner which was pretty awesome.  His name is Brad Hatcher and he is awesome and he talked with me on the phone to make sure that I got the perfect size gi for me. So the size I ended up getting was an A2Big jacket and A5 pants. He went above and beyond and actually separated the jacket and pants due to me having short legs, I had to cut quite a bit of length of the bottom and the embroidery would have made the pants illegal for me for the A2big pants so I got A5 instead.

Feel: This Gi feels awesome, very soft, but also very durable. I feel like I am just wearing a second skin and its is very easy to roll in.

Fit: The jacket, was the first jacket that I had that fit like it should. Sleeves were perfect from the start and comes down far enough to be IBJJF legal but not be down to my knees.

Function: It works well for me. It was the first gi that I had got that actually worked for me. I am very short and have a crazy body composition so this gi fits me so well like no of my other gis have done. I have competed in this gi many times and it is one of my favorites. So much that I had another custom ordered that I will review later.

I give this gi a 4.5 out of 5. It truly is an awesome gi.


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