First Stripe

This has been a good week. This was my first week going to the competition class at 5 pm at the gym.  I had my schedule changed at work to let me get off earlier so I could make this class. On Tuesday, I really didn’t know what to expect because I had always just seen the tail end of the class. So I stretched and did some shrimping and watched for a few minutes. It was good to see how they flow in this class from the difference in the intro class. In this class is more about positioning than strength. Then we started rolling and switching partner every 6 minutes and that was fun because those have been the longest rolls I have been in. It was so much fun and exhausting at the same time.  It was good to be able to move like that. I then went to the no-gi class.

On Wednesday,  I didn’t go the competition class as I wanted to work on the machines and need to do a bit of thinking as well. But I did do the intro class. I learned how to do bow-and-arrow and that was awesome. I like finding things as a person with short arms and legs actually works well. Then I did the Ladies class and we had two black belts on the mat, both Shawn and Spyder were there and they were bouncing between judo and the Ladies BJJ class. So I got to get rolled by some people a lot lighter than me and and that was awesome.  They actually filped me over which was cool. I also got to roll with Spyder as well and we went over some of the same things we went over in the no-gi class. Some of the basic that are great to drill at any time at any belt. Then we did some positional sparing and because I was working with Spyder I had to go twice on the bottom with him which was hard but worth it and I was able to actually use the moves I had learned in class.

Then we all lined up at the end of class like at the end of every class, but this day was a bit different. Coach and spyder were talking and we were waiting in line. I wasn’t wearing my g;asses and we were all talking about how we didn’t die today. Then coach and Spyder walked over to us and gave us all stripes. Which meant I got my first stripe on my path to my blue belt. I was super excited about it and so appreciative of it. I didn’t think i deserved it,but it was awesome to know he thought I deserved it. I’m just going to keep going cause I’m a BJJ addict now and a true passion of mine now.


Hey Everyone….

So guess I should introduce myself. My name is Rachelle a.k.a  leprechaun and I started doing jiu jitsu back in September 2013 after finishing my masters degree . I knew that I need to start working out and I needed something that I would stick too. I had done Tae Kwon Do when I was younger for like 4 years and really enjoyed it and wanted to get back in some kind of Martial Arts, but didn’t want to go back down that road. I wanted some thing that was a little bit more physical so a friend told me about BJJ and so I was interested. I looked around and found a school near me and started in the trial period for 30 days. I was hooked from the first one one one session that I had and just wanted to keep going back day after day. I finally had found something that I wanted to do and was willing to do on a daily basis. I am now getting to a point where things are started to make sense and I am learning how to flow and move my body.

So I am starting a blog to track my progress on the mats and in my journey as well. So this blog will have a mix of things on it from competition results, to new moves that I have learned, to tips that I learned, to anything else I feel is relevant.  So stick around this should be a run ride and comment with who you are and how you found me.

NAGA Memphis – My First Trip for BJJ

So I went to Memphis back in November in it was the first time I had ever went on the road for BJJ. So I had to be a my friends Tricia and Kenny house at like 5 am soon we could get on the road and get down there in time.  We get on the road about 6 and they drive down there and we go and weigh in and then go to IHOP cause we were all starving and some of them were cutting weight for the competition. (I wasn’t cause I compete in the heavy division and has no weight limit)  So we ate and got back to the site and then there was a lot of hurry up and wait through all of the Kids and Teens divisions. Then they finally get to my women’s division.  I had no-gi first and there was only one other person in my bracket.

2013-11-23 14.47.39

I got second place in no-gi. Then they were calling for gi, so I had to change real quick in front on everyone for gi.

2013-11-23 16.05.58

I got 3rd place in gi. But hey I had only been training for like 2 months at this time and they put me in the beginner division instead of the novice because they didn’t have any heavy novice females. But I have been training hard since then and will be coming hard this year.

A Short Person Take on the world. I may not be tall, but I will fight to the death. Learning something new every day.